It might seem a bit odd for a visual artist to be inspired by things unseen. But seeing what isn’t seen, or at least seeing seen things differently than they have been seen before is fundamentally what sends me to my easel.  

Recently, I’ve been moved and intrigued by unseen infrastructure, the great importance of things we cannot see in our lives. The substrates in the show are wood, rather than a flexible surface like canvas, providing the “science”, that which is known, as the foundation to each painting.  

My attention has been focused on two topics straight from the science lab:

1. The 6 Essential Elements consistent in all living organisms, and then specifically in the human body, is my first jumping off point.  The concurrent intersection is nearly unfathomable, and a rare place of consensus in a world of personal choice.

My process involves many layers, becoming one of rhythmic spontaneity and particular editing. The layers allow things to be revealed and concealed, and actual words along with randomly collected marks force the subconscious eye to form it’s own narratives in the piece. 

2. Diatoms, single cellular organisms that live in solitude or colonies, are “givers” in the food chain. Created to be consumed, surviving on light and water, they are metaphors for generosity and intentionality. I’ve just begun to explore these unselfconscious creatures, inspired by the actual images seen under the microscope. I am intrigued by the contradiction of portraying things not seen with the naked eye in the context of oversized paintings. 

The smooth surface, and direct visual images, provide a distinct contrast from the Elements series, experimenting with different visual delivery vehicles for unseen subject matter. 

The 6 Essential Elements have no life of their own, but are components particularly assembled to communicate life. Essentials are those things which must be, so that those things which may be, may be. Diatoms are providers, maintainers of that which is.