Didn't You Used To Be A Blond?

I looked and thought I knew her but decided I didn't, and averted my eyes.  Then I heard her voice, and reconsidered.  Vacillating in the eternal purgatory of indecision, I looked over, and she smiled and came at me with a big hug.  As we exchanged a "southern" hello, (that's when you say something like "Hi! How have you been?" in a lilting first soprano range, as if you were sisters), and thankfully God re-plugged in my loose brain synapses and I realized who she was.  She had changed her hair color.

Change has been sneaking up on me lately.

In one day, I had coffee with lovely women who were getting married, getting pregnant, and getting adjusted to life with a baby. Another is closing the door to a daughter's room, while she goes to live with her father for a season.  My cousin is moving her mom to a retirement community this week in Mississippi, and then looking for a house for she and her husband in Colorado where I will have to fly to ever see her.  A long time friend has just changed her email address for the 5th time since I've known her, and a restaurant has changed their menu and I am having to make friends with new entrees. A client has changed her mind 5 times on the details of a painting she commissioned me to paint, and I've changed mine twice about whether I'm going to paint it or not.  I've recently sat quietly with a wife who's husband has moved out, a friend who is entering rehab, a neighbor with a new dog, and strangers in a doctor's office waiting room as we all waited for results from mammograms. Mine was good, another woman's was not, and it will change her life.

Change can be benign, like hair color or phone numbers, or it can be exciting like weddings and new addresses.  It can also be mournful, and a punch in the stomach.  One thing is for sure, when it comes, whatever form it takes, it won't be denied.  I thrive on the adrenalin it produces, but I bleed for the sorrow and loss.  A daily Bible verse website posted 2 Cor. 5:17, "...all things have become new...".  And the next day they posted Matt. 6:8, "...your Father knows the things you have need of...".

I'm trying to bend in the wind, and allow new things to fold me towards whatever the Father knows I have need of.  Because the thing with "change" is it ultimately leads you to "trust".  And evidently I'm needing more practice on that lately.